Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Mission – Revisited

I recently reconnected with my second cousin, a fifty-year old software programmer living in Ohio.

“I really admire that you’ve chosen to pursue a life in the arts,” he confessed.

“Oh…it’s not always such an easy path to follow,” I deflected, too embarrassed to directly address his compliment. I must surely be unqualified to accept any admiration for what I judged to be a relatively ordinary and unglamorous life.

“I wished I’d done that,” he continued, “I really wished I’d done something in the arts. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a good life, but man…I LOVE music. And theatre. And Art! I just love art.”

This completely surprised me. I asked, “But you’re a computer programmer, right? Doesn’t your job require quite a bit of artistry?”

His eyes lit up as if I’d said some magical spell; a magic spell that he, too, knew very well; a magic spell that he’d somehow almost forgotten.

“Well, yes…actually. There is,” he added as his whole demeanor smiled.


It is the purpose of this blog to expose the artistry in the seeming banality of the everyday; those common experiences that, when added together, amount to the bulk of a life. It is my hope that through this narrow focus, I will step away from my screen, refreshed, renewed and ready to live more fully, understanding that the potential of the present is both a source for artistic generation and, more importantly, a source of living actualization. In short, through this small frame, it is my hope to find a happier, healthier and more fully capitalized, and artistic, life.

It is, furthermore, my intention that you, the reader, through this lens, will find the same.

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