Monday, October 25, 2010

What's Love Got to Do with It?

Disembarking the Green Line at State and Lake, the prophetic lyrics, "What's Love got to do with it?" greet me. Turning the corner out of the station, I stumble upon the source: a carbon-copy Tina Turner street performer wailing away under the lights of The Chicago Theatre. I think, "Yeah, Tina, YEAH! What does Love got to do with it?"

Without a second thought and descending toward the underground Red Line station, well out of earshot, again I hear, "What's Love got to do with it?" Turning over my shoulder, I discover a business woman half-singing the tune.

"You got it stuck in your head too?" I offer.

"Do I ever!" she replies, hardly pausing to respond to my question as she heads toward the southbound side of the platform.

Waiting for the northbound train, I quietly stand among a noisy crowd of young professionals. I involuntarily hum, "Hhmt's Hmve hhot to do, hhot to do hwith it?”

Smiling, I sit on the train heading towards home. “Is it always this simple?” I wonder.

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