Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Point of Perception

I don't want to do this tonight.

So, why am I still here?

Because I said I would be...

...and if I don't, I will have failed...myself.

What the fuck is that!? What is wrong with me? There's something very wrong with that thinking. This blog is something I decided to do for fun. This blog is something I decided to do to keep learning. This blog is something I decided to do to improve myself.

AH! There's the rub.

What if I didn't have anything left to improve? What if I was fine just as I am?

I...uh...sorry your Honor...can't imagine how that could ever be true.

If I just trusted myself, I'd probably fall back into some shitty life and mind sucking job. If I trusted myself, I'd probably be sold into 20th century slavery. If I trusted myself, I probably have no relationships with anyone!

Let's not get carried away, Sam. We're being a bit dramatic.

Your Honor...I'm not being dramatic, and please don't say "we". As the writer of this blog, I am singularly myself.

You're clearly talking to someone else.

Yes, to illustrate a point.

Which is...

That I don't trust myself.

Right...Most people don't trust themselves a 100% of the time.

Well...yes, I can't see how that's not true.

Of course it's true.

Well, fine. In that case...I don't want to do this anymore.

Then don't.



(::Ceiling Caves In::)


  1. Thought you might enjoy this, if you haven't seen it already:

    My favorite bit of it is that we procrastinate because we have too much faith that some magical future-me will be more disciplined and have more time than present-me. But you can outsmart yourself!

  2. I loved this article. Thanks, Michelle!

    Also, I agree: we can outsmart ourselves! When presented with the opportunity to eat one marshmallow now or wait and get two later, you don't focus on the marshmallow you're trying NOT to eat. You go sniff the walls!